The Changing face of Election Marketing in India and Impact of First Time Voter

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June 13, 2018

Emerging Indian Youth - General Election 2019 Verdict

The recent fragmented election verdict of Karnataka state and split of coalition of BJP and PDP in Jammu & Kashmir has reestablished the fact - The only thing predictable About Indian politics is that they are unpredictable.
Other than the increased ambition of regional parties like Shiv Sena, TDP and others that will create an element of suspense in vote sharing pattern - there is one more element of Surprise that can further complex the voting pattern in 2019 General Election of India - 10 Crore First Time Voter.

As per the population census, 2 Crore Indian youth turns 18 every year. Although Not Everyone gets registered with the Election Commission of India but it is mammoth numbers that no political party cam afford to over look.

National parties preparing for General Election 2019 has to consider the influence of this first time vote, who are more informed, better educated and have an opinion on every aspects of their life. With better understand of digital media and better communication skill this youth van turn out to be an influence and opinion maker in their family and locality.

During 2014 election the poll strategists of Narendra Modi led BJP has relied mostly on Facebook driven social media engagement and ground level integration with students to promote Chai Pe Charcha.

Subsequently post 2015 Bihar set back and recently concluded Karnataka election, the primary channeled of marketing has switched from Social Media to WhatsApp promotion to engaged youth.

National parties are in over drive to woo the first time voters in becoming their life members.

Considering the changing fave of election marketing, we have up our ante and have augmented resources for poll strategy execution and monotony with data science. For curated political campaign plans, reach out to our Poll Strategist at 8850101835. So far we have promoted all types of Election Campaigns - Gram Panchayat & State Assemblies.