[stm_info_box style=”style_2″ title=”Lets Join the Forces” css=”.vc_custom_1482151712320{background-color: #efefef !important;}”]We are a Technology firm, making available online tools and internet related resources for effective Marketing and Brand Communication.

We act as an aggregator. We research and tied up with partners – whose solutions are desired by the end customers. It saves time and cost for End User to research multiple services and service providers – at the same time allow us an opportunity to provide the holistic solution to the end user.

Business Karma Solutions LLP is the umbrella company for three varying start ups

+ Mobile / Messaging (ANT mobile)

+ Internet / (Digital Karma)

+ Consulting / Marketing (StartUp Karma)[/stm_info_box]

[stm_info_box title=”Partnership Approach:” css=”.vc_custom_1482133302415{background-position: center !important;background-repeat: no-repeat !important;background-size: contain !important;}”]# Approach 1:

If your company offers a solutions / service that can assist SME / Enterprises and even a Family Owned Businesses to generate leads, create brand awareness or simplify business process automation then with our partner model we can jointly provide the solutions desired by the end users.

# Approach 2:

If you have an ever growing organic segmented user base – which is always in look out for better offers and deals then we can capitalize this resource.[/stm_info_box]

[stm_animation_block animation=”pulse” animation_duration=”10″ animation_delay=”0.1″][stm_info_box style=”style_3″ title=”G Suites – Google for Work” image=”1393″]You can register Your Business Email to Google’s hosting services,to avail following benefits.

# Unlimited Data Storage on Google Drive, less spam and 99.5% uptime SLA[/stm_info_box][/stm_animation_block]

[stm_animation_block animation=”flash” animation_duration=”10″ animation_delay=”0.1″][stm_info_box style=”style_3″ title=”Email on Publisher Data” image=”1345″]Ideal for Lead Generation and brand awareness on segmented user based location/income class/area of interest.

# Reports on Inbox Delivery, Open Rate, Web Link Click through Rate [/stm_info_box][/stm_animation_block]

[stm_animation_block animation=”shake” animation_duration=”10″ animation_delay=”0.1″][stm_info_box style=”style_3″ title=”Call Center Solutions” image=”1341″]100% customized solutions to manage inbound and outbound call flow.

Local Storage, Supports IVR and Records Call.


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