Startup Karma

Partnership with Entrepreneurs

To transform your Business, you need a Partner. One who brings to you New and Innovative Ideas every day. One with meaningful insights on broadest range of possibilities. And one who works Shoulder to Shoulder with you to help You Reach the Next Level of Performance.

We are Passionate and Exciting about working with High Energy Individuals and Enterprises to create Great Success Stories.

How to land your First Few Customers?

The first time that purchase notification hits your inbox, you feel validated. You’ve done it. You built something that has the potential to earn money while you sleep.

The idea that a sale can be made anytime, while you are physically anywhere and doing anything gives you such a liberating feeling.

Keeping this very thing in mind, we have design a pocket friendly pack that ensures you reached out to larger audience’s month on month.

Partner Pack:

We will work 12 hours a Month with your start up. By joining hands you will gain Access to Knowledge, Insights and effective Marketing Tools. Our area of expertise are

+ Idea Conceptualization

+ Designing Revenue Models

+ Marketing Touch Points

+ Managing Growth Stages

Starter Pack:

To ensure you get a daily inbound leads, we have design a pocket friendly pack. Activities are plan, design and executed with minimum effort and time.

+ Monthly SMS Push to 25,000 unique prospects

+ Monthly Email Promotion to 10,000 online buyers