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Guide to Mobile
and Digital Marketing Success

Social Media Marketing FAQ's
1What are the objectives and benefits of Social Media Marketing?
Well, Top 3 Goals are
1. Creating Brand Awareness
2. Acquiring New Customers
3. Building a community
2What all social media channels do you worked on?
We managed your brands social media accounts across channel's like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.
3How do you pan for Social Media Promotions?
hmm, we understand your business and identify the relevant target groups. Then we decide on the content based on,
how the user will search for your service or the problems that are solved by your offerings. And finally, we make the strategies around the trending keywords.
4In a month, how many posts do you create?
For a starter plan, we offer a monthly retainer services that covers 8 posts Per Month. This includes 6 month long strategy plan for brands social media activities, creating text content that can go viral and images that communicates the message clearly and establish brand identity.
5Do you also manage paid promotions - ad booster?
Certainly, we have better understanding on identifying right data sets (Target Group) based on your target users group profile, interest and behavior.
6Can i see your past work?
Yes, kindly send us an inquiry email on info@businesskarma.in and we will share the web links of our past and current work.
1Do you offer Transaction or Promotional SMS service?
hmm, we offer both the services - transaction gateways as well as promotional sms routes for push notification services.
2How many SMS can i send in one go?
Currently, with our online application brand can push 5 lakh messages per minute.
3Can i save the mobile contacts online?
Yes, with our group feature brand or social organisations can add their members data online. Also, categorized them into multiple groups.
4Do you provide OTP SMS?
Yes, we provide high priority route for OTP messages.
5Can i integrate SMS service with my website or software application?
Yes, with the SMS Api key brand can push automated and event based messages from their software application, app or a website. There are not additional charges for this.
6Can i send Messages in Regional Languages?
Oh yes, 15 national languages are support. Just select the Unicode Message option, while composing the message online.
Website Design FAQ's
1What are the charges for website development?
Well, there are 4 main charges for website design and development.

1. Domain Registration - Yearly charges
2. Hosting Services - Yearly charges
3. Website Development - One Time
4. Content Upgrade and Maintenance - Yearly Charges (optional)
2Do i have to provide content and images for the website?
Since you are in control of your business, it is better if you share the write up for the services and products offer by you. we can also help you with reference website links to get inspired and make your on content.
3How much time does it take to launch the website?
We are equally enthusiastic to make your website live as early as possible. Generally the basic website takes 15 days to launch.
4Do i have to host my website with you?
In case you are building a new website, we generally advised brand to host the website with us. However, this is not a compulsion, you can continue hosting your domain with the existing vendor.
5After website launch, at a later date can i change the images / content of my website?
So under the yearly AMC contract, content update is part of the services offered. In case you are not opting for the AMC then post site launch we provide you an online training to make changes in the website using CMS Panel.
6Will my website be search engine and mobile friendly?
Yes, we ensure that all the website launch by us is optimized for multiple screen size like mobile, desktop and tablet. We also submit your site to Google and Bing for listing. This is to ensure your site is search engine friendly.
7Can you also help me with Online Marketing of my business?
Certainly. our main goal is to help you succeed online. We offer range of digital services like
. Social Media Marketing
. 360* Digital Marketing
. Content Writing
. Search Engine Optimization
.Pay Per Click Advertising (Ad-words account setup)
Missed Call Service FAQ's
1How does a Missed Call service work?
Well, a missed call number is a 10 Digit Virtual number similar to a mobile number. Upon dialing this number, after 2 ring call will get disconnected and callers mobile number data is saved in an online application.
2What are the benefits of using a missed call service?
1. Feedback and Vote : Company can used the various missed call numbers to gather feedback on the service / quality. Reality shows make better used of missed call to Vote the contestants.
2. Customer Verification : Customers at various check out points online and offline can be asked to validate their number by giving a missed call (OTP SMS)
3. Lead Generation : Free communication tool for users / prospective buyers to reach out to the brand
4. Opt in / Out : User can simply opt out or opt in to an online mailing list / SMS offers by simply giving a missed call.
For more information, read full article here
3After giving a missed call, does the caller gets any notification?
Well, by default no notification is send. However, generally brands prefer to send SMS auto reply upon missed call. The text of Auto Reply SMS can be changed in real time in an online application. Some brand's also connect the caller with their call center team, immediately after a missed call.
4How many missed calls can be captured at a time?
Generally, concurrently i.e. at the same time 3 missed call entries are captured. Upon brands request this can be further increased to 30 - in the multiple of 5 channels at a time. Of-course, there are additional charges for the extra channels.
5Can i get the Toll Free number as a Missed Call?
Yes, 1800 series numbers are available for missed call service for a minimum service duration of 12 months.
6What are the charges for the missed call service?
The missed call number is ideally activated for a 12 months subscription period. However, other plans for quarterly and half yearly activation are also available.
7Can i retain the number after completion of subscription period?
No. It is being a virtual number it is not available for sim migration.
Voice Broadcast FAQ's
1How does the Voice Broadcast system works?
Well before we get into this, note that this service is also referred to as OBD (Outbound Dial) or Robo Voice Calls. The leading Educational and B2C brands make the best use of this system.

An automated calls are dial on the list of mobile numbers added in the online OBD application with pre-recorded sound file.

At the end of the call, the receiver was asked to Press 1 / 2 to show his interest for the product.

The Key press data is captured and made available to view / download in an online application.
2What are the benefits of using Voice Broadcast services?
Well, this is mostly used to quickly share the information to larger database of mobile numbers with a personal touch. The charges compared to a Call Center services are very minimal.
To know more benefits of this service, click here Voice Broadcast Tool
3What are the charges?
So, 1 call is equivalent to 30 second pulse. 1 second each is counted for call connection and disconnection. As such brands are advised to prepare a sound / audio file for less than 22 seconds, if they wish to have Key Press option (5 seconds) or 26 seconds without a key press option.

Brands are charged for answered calls only. For unanswered calls credits are refunded in one working day.
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