Mobile Marketing

We help your brand to reached out to masses.

Messaging Api

Communicate effectively with customers and generate leads with smart link promotions and local text content.

1. Integrate SMS Api: Push event based and automated SMS like order confirmation, OTP messages and more by integrating our sms api with any online software application.

2. Multi User Account: Create multiple users under one admin and managed user specific rights. Ideal for large enterprises or businesses with multiple branches / business entities.

3. Track Campaigns: Measure the campaign RoI by analyzing message delivery ratio and smart link clicks count / impression. Also, identify the preferred messaging time for your users.
Voice Broadcasting

Improve your Marketing RoI with automated voice calls system - OBD. The system allows brands to push pre-recorded voice messages to larger database with a key press option to captured interest.

1. Web Based Application: A cloud based platform to conduct online surveys, feedback or to broadcast urgent communication.

2. Automate Campaign: Brand can scheduled the campaign for a future day event. Also, an auto rescheduled option ensures that calls are resend to numbers who didn't answer, busy or failed.

3. Campaign Reports: Various report are made available to track campaign performance like calls connected, key press numbers data and more.

4. Key Press 1: Educational institutes and B2C brands use this features smartly to generate leads and captured user preferences. At the end of the call, receiver is asked to Press Key 1/2 to show their interest.
Missed Call services

Missed call or missed dial alert is highly sought after services by both B2C brands and B2B businesses. It allows your users / prospective customers to get connected with you for FREE.

1. Auto Reply SMS or Call Back: As a follow up action to missed call, brand can either choose to send an SMS or connect caller with their cloud telephony system or both.

2. One Number Many Opportunities: A 10 digit virtual number i.e. Missed Call has many used cases - Lead Generation, Voting Campaigns, App Download, COD confirmation, Mobile Number Verification etc.

3. Analysis: The mobile number information of a caller in saved in an online application along with time stamp, area location and telecom operator.

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